1 Lab preparation

1.1 \(\color{purple}{\text{Creating a version-controlled R-Project by downloading repository from Github}}\)

Download ropository here: \(\color{blue}{\text{https://github.com/garberadamc/SEM-Lab2}}\)

On the Github repository webpage:

  1. fork your own branch of the lab repository
  2. copy the repository web URL address from the clone or download menu

Within R-Studio:

  1. click “NEW PROJECT” (upper right corner of window)
  2. choose option Version Control
  3. choose option Git
  4. paste the repository web URL path coppied from the clone or download menu on Github page
  5. choose location of the R-Project (\(\color{red}{\text{too many nested folders will result in filepath error}}\))

Example of competing path models study from \(\color{blue}{\text{Nishina, Juvonen, Witkow (2005)}}\)